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1 Scope

With the use of the Internet, presents itself as a virtual marketplace for construction vehicles and commercial vehicles of all kinds, spare parts, accessories, etc. By participating in the offer, the user, be it as an advertiser or as a searcher, recognizes the validity of these general terms Terms of use and terms and conditions in the currently valid version.

2 achievements of

In addition to the services resulting from the agreed service package, customers can access the information of free of charge via the database. ensures a high availability of the server. Excluded are times when the server is temporarily disturbed due to problems that are outside the control of, such as force majeure, third-party fault or due to maintenance or technical problems. The customer is entitled to represent other companies or their products on the web server, provided that their activities do not run counter to the interests of, in particular no competitors of are presented. reserves the right to revoke the use of techniques that could overburden the server. There is no legal claim to this. reserves the right to prohibit such representations. Upon request, will provide the customer with an access with which they can save, change, add or delete their offer themselves. The customer receives a password, which he is obliged to maintain confidentiality. The customer is given the opportunity to maintain a single presence on the Internet at the Internet address he / she desires. The Internet address is simultaneously and completely maintained in the independent database (extended market coverage). The customer can set up further Internet addresses in such a way that their selection also retrieves the presence maintained at If the customer has registered an Internet domain for himself, will not assert any rights to this even after the contract has been terminated. The domain remains registered until the end of the period paid by the customer. If the customer does not provide for further delegation thereafter, will release the domain or register itself.

3 Paid participation

For the services agreed with, the customer pays the prices according to the current price list of the respectively agreed service package. In addition, the customer does not incur any financial obligations, in particular any commission obligations or similar. The first two months of participation are free of charge and do not imply any obligation, in particular no obligation to conclude a paid contract with If the customer exceeds the scope of the agreed service package, he is obliged to pay the price of the service package just claimed, without any special agreement being required. invoices its services monthly. All amounts are due with invoicing. In case of late payment, will charge default interest of 8% above the base rate if does not prove higher damages. Any transaction costs incurred abroad in the booking transactions are at the expense of the respective dealer. As a dealer in the above sense, the individual store operation, point of sale or location and every user of applies. Each one requires a separate registration and a single bill will be made by

4 Price change / change of the terms and conditions

Price changes are to be announced by in such a timely manner that the participant can terminate the contractual relationship in compliance with the contractually agreed period of notice with the termination date before the new prices are valid. Insofar as he does not exercise this right and continues to claim the services of after the date of the price change, the price change becomes binding for both parties.

Billing is based on the price change. The announcement of changes to the terms and conditions is made by providing on the pages of Contractual participants will be informed about changes to the terms and conditions in writing or by e-mail. The changes are considered as accepted unless they are objected to in writing within two weeks of notification.

5 Content, form and purpose of the advertisements

The sole purpose of advertisements aimed at the sale of vehicles of all kinds or their spare parts and / or accessories is permitted. Each vehicle / spare part / accessory may only be placed once at a time.

The advertisements can be illustrated with photos, which must come exclusively from the actually offered vehicle / spare part / accessory. It is not permitted, instead of photos of the advertised vehicle / spare parts / accessories, to use other pictograms / letters / numbers (eg logos, logos, telephone numbers, names, keywords) or a combination of the photos with other pictograms / letters / numbers in the advertisement to adjust or change the photos in this way. The advertiser must actually dispose of the offered vehicle / spare part / accessory and it must be in its unloaded property. The offered vehicles / spare parts / accessories may not be anything to be ordered.

The advertiser may only specify one location for the vehicle / spare part / accessory advertised by him. This must be the location where the vehicle / spare part / accessory is actually located at the time the listing is made. If the location of the advertised vehicle / spare part / accessory changes, the advertiser is obliged to correct the relevant advertisement without delay, stating the new location.

The advertisement must not contravene by applicable law, in particular not against the laws and regulations valid in the Federal Republic of Germany by formulation, contents, optical presentation and the pursued purpose. By placing the advertisements and placing the photos in the internet market, the advertiser confirms that he has free access to the photos and that they are not encumbered with third party rights. In principle, reserves the right to refuse, change and delete advertisements and to exclude individual advertisers from participation on a permanent basis. A reason or a reason is not required.

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